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Blue beard creative piece:A :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 1 0
wonderful trance ch3
Ikuto pov
San, San what the hell was that about, and not once did she call me "perverted cat" or anything in that sort of nature. And when the hell did she get so lady like and not hit me, man I got to go and see them god dammed Guardians and see what's wrong with her.
"What is it ~nya"
"Want to have some fun with them Kiddie Guardians "
"Oh how I love the way that you think ~nya can I go full on please?"
"Yeah whatever as long as we can find out what's wrong with Amu that's all I care about now". Fuck I hope fucking Easter hadn't gotten to her and did this.
As we made our way to the glasses building where they always meet up, I start to think of how this could off happened to her and ways of trying to get her out of it again. But as I got closer to their meeting area I have no ideas on what and how they did this to her. When i made it to the opening in the roof I see that the only person in there now is the Kiddy king who loves Amu so much god its sickening to watch. As his try
:iconakumaxii:akumaXII 2 4
last dance by akumaXII last dance :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 0 7 temari by akumaXII temari :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 5 19
wonderful trance ch2
As I got up in this new body of mine I could feel the strong power that I had collected I knew this girl was special just not this powerful. As I went through her memories and such I found that her "Charas" had gone out and would be back any moment. As I was looking for something to amuse myself, I heard a thud at the window as I turned around I saw a boy with both cat ears and tail, and floating beside him was a what you call it oh that's right a Chara. When I got up and let him in I was looking through this girl's memory trying to find out this boy's name, when I finally stumbled on the name Ikuto.
"What is it that you want?"
"Wow you don't seem like yourself today Amu what's wrong with ya?"
Oh crap can he see through this so much have to try and act more like this Amu girl, or else its good bye to my plans. "What do you mean, I'm fine nothing's wrong with me...what do you want".
As I tried to pull of this kind of talk the boy just looked at me, with worrying look in his e
:iconakumaxii:akumaXII 3 7
wonderful trance Ch1
Wonderful trance
"Amu could you go up to the attic and see if you can find that box papa was looking for before after your done with breakfast" asked mama when I first came down the stairs to eat. God why couldn't papa find anything in the attic and why was it that I was the only one that always had to find whatever he had lost.
After breakfast I did as mama asked and went up to the attic now what was it that papa was looking for again, at this point of time Ran, Miki and Su had finally gotten out of their eggs to see what I was doing but without my knowledge in doing so.
So when I made it up to the attic and I was looking through most of the junk that was up there I had no idea that they were also looking through some of the junk also and when I saw some cloth move I almost scream into the next century. As I was moving slowly backwards I almost fell out of the attic door and on to my butt before I heard Ran,  Miki and Su giggling at my reaction and saying to one another
:iconakumaxii:akumaXII 3 19
persona 4 by akumaXII persona 4 :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 0 0 yosuke :3 by akumaXII yosuke :3 :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 1 0 hiroxnowaki: look into my eyes by akumaXII hiroxnowaki: look into my eyes :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 0 0 lavi by akumaXII lavi :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 0 0 hamuhamu heaven by akumaXII hamuhamu heaven :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 0 3 RAN by akumaXII RAN :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 3 10 lavi chibi by akumaXII lavi chibi :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 5 2 nagi by akumaXII nagi :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 1 2 howles moving castle by akumaXII howles moving castle :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 0 0 flower power by akumaXII flower power :iconakumaxii:akumaXII 1 1


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Cielderella: Part One
Once upon a time, as so many fairytales start, there was once a boy, yes, a boy, named Cielderella, but most called him Ciel.
  He lived with his father and mother, Vincent and Rachel. The child was adored by his parents, and he enjoyed every day of his life, smiling all the while.
  Then, one horrible day, a fire started at his home, and his parents were burned to death, leaving the poor, broken hearted, eight year-old boy all alone. It did not take long though for one of his richer relatives to take him in. It was his aunt, Madame Red.
  Madame Red was a cruel person, and despised the cuteness and handsomeness of the son her sister had birthed. Madame Red herself had two children. One was her son, Alois, and the other her daughter, Elizabeth. Both were just as cruel and despising as their mother.
  Ciel did not wish to go with his evil aunt, but had no choice, and went to live with her in her mansion as soon as the papers were signed. Madame Re
:iconohjustgreat13:OhJustGreat13 35 2





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